The Idea Tree
My college experience wasn't limited to simply print and web. One of the more interesting projects that I undertook during my period at RMCAD was a mobile App. Being an art student, I understood the need for a brainstorming platform for creative types, this lead me to create The Idea Tree. 

Encompassing the idea of brainstorming and ideation, I designed this app to express a sense of modernity and simplicity.

This project taught me a lot about User interaction. We weren't required to program the app, simply because of the monstrous task that it might have been. However, we did throughly studied the flow and click affordance of an app, and applied our research thusly.

Additionally, we were given the chance to beta test of a program called "field test". This program allowed us to create a mock version of an app that worked on phones. Above is a small demonstration of the app.