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    L3G3ND Series: The girl behind the mask.
This series is the result of me NOT shooting anything for over 7 months. Well, I should correct myself. I did shoots. Just not with people. I guess I was rebelling against using people and just did macro photography with inanimate (lifeless?) objects.
Then, while in a craft store, I spied this mask, and wow, it struck me how ‘perfect’ it was. “How did they make this”, I thought too myself, “who’s face did they use to model this from?” Etc etc. So together with someone I trusted, and who trusted me, I set out to end my seven month dry spell.
L3G3ND Series: 5 of 15
L3G3ND Series: 4 of 15
L3G3ND Series: 6 of 15
L3G3ND Series: 14 of 15
L3G3ND Series: 15 of 15