In Search For Mephistopheles

This is a presentational teaser for a project based on a scene from Goethe's Faust. My job was to develop a storyboard and concept art for the film and I worked as an art director, additional animator, and both clean-up and background artist for this teaser. I will be sharing more work material for this project soon. 

Krunoslav Jovic
Ivan Stojkovic
 animation:Krunoslav JovicIvan Stojkovic

art director:
Ivan Stojkovic
 clean-up animation:
Ivan Stojkovic

backgrounds: Ivan Stojkovic
compositing & motion graphics:
Milos Milosevic

Iva Ciric
Olgica Terzic
Marica Kicusic
Krunoslav Jovic
Ivan Stojkovic
Andreas Kelemen

sound design:
Ana-Marija Srejic