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Dial : new method of smart device

Dial - New Method of Smart Device
work: 2009
Red-Dot design Award

Cellular phones become minimized by technology gradually and positioned as a pool of cutting-edge technology.
However, shape and UI method are getting similar and losing own style.
I suggest new direction of smart devices with three factors. (Unique/ Retro UI/ Technology)
How to use
-The simple information can be indicated on own top of display and displayed outside by projector for our ‘interest’.
‘Turn a dial’
-When you call, beam help your control.
-When you put device on the table after taking out from wrist, beams are shotted from the ten each holes would be directed toward to floor and indicate GUI.
-The physical dial sensor keys are responded from your finger and help to select the corresponding characters.
-This action may call back your memory of the dial-telephone.
Usually it can be easily carried on our wrist like an accessory, BANGLE.
A phone carried on the wrist would be a definite accessory to appeal oneself.
User shall have various option by sex and individual taste.
User can choose any looks (luxurious, sporty or elegant or other looks) and can show their fashion style.
Dial : new method of smart device

Dial : new method of smart device

It's a project about new method of smart device for the future. It designed on 2009.