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    Brand identity, website, packaging and collection design
Brand identity, packaging and collection design
Isotope is a new fashion brand for those who appreciate the value of style in modern ways of life and wish to be creative about it and make a difference.

From the Greek roots isos (equal) and topos (place), Isotope means “at the same place”, as we all humans basically are. Hence, isotopes is the name given to the variants of a particular chemical element because they occupy the same position on the periodic table.
Equality and multifaceted perspectives in one, that is the Isotope brand’s motto and goal: affordable, cutting-edge, umbeatable style t-shirts and jewelry, a variety of designs in limited copies to keep it as “personal” as possible.

Trend-setters with an eye for the alternative, bloggers and social media professionals and fans, people in the record and marketing business, those who like following the trends and for whom style plays a significant role in their everyday lifes, would love the “out of the ordinary” t-shirt and jewelry collections.

Platonic Geometry Collection _ The Story