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This is a series of illustration exploring the theme of ‘inner beauty’. In today’s fast pace world where a lot of things are judge by face value, I still believe in the importance of cultivating a beautiful soul (not just in people). It is easy to design solely for aesthetics but when a design has ‘soul’, I believe the message or artistic statement you are trying to convey will resonate with more sincerity and authenticity.

In these series of illustrations, I amalgamated both the inner and outer beauty to place equal importance on both qualities. The hair of each illustrations are very elaborate and exaggerated to symbolise vanity – outer beauty. The intricate and stylised illustration of a skull represents what is beneath the skin – inner beauty. The eyes are emphasised as they are the feature that connects both the inner and outer beauty, the windows to our soul. The frame represents our nature of always judging things at face value.

Beauty can only be observed when studied closely.