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Branding, packaging and a website for Pumperlgsund — new healthy food brand introduced
to German market. Created from scratch to launch their first product: Good Eggwhites, bottles
filled with pure high quality egg protein. Saves time and money on separation of 16 eggs,
extremely handy if you're into high protein diet, and want to limit fat / cholesterol consumption
eating up to 10 or more whole eggs.

Awards: Red Dot 2016, Awwwards SOTD, CSS Awards SOTD, CSS WInner SOTD, Webby Honoree, Lovie Awards Silver, German Design Award
Realtime glass distortion animation
Realtime liquid / egg yolk animation
Detailed recipes pages with ingredients, preparation steps,
cooking equipment overview, gifs & yummy pictures
Realtime logo animation
morphs between different states once a minute on the website
Art direction: Sergey Skip

Web design: Sergey Skip
Landing page development, special effects guru: Pavel Zyr
Development: Martin Balfanz, Biliana Valeva

Logo: Sergey Skip
Packaging: Sergey Skip, Christoph Gromer, Gerhard Seizer
Egg illustration: Anna Devyatina

Photography: Vivi D'Angelo (food), Julia Schneider (package, chicken)
Copy: Kristina Wuerz, Henning Müller-Dannhausen
Bottle renders: Phillip Gorbachev
Chicken retouch voodoo master: Maxim Goudin 
Management: Stefan Hoermann

Special thanks to Jan Göktekin, Fabian König, Marc Seefelder, Matthias Roebel & Jacob Grubbe

Agency: Ming Labs

Сheck it live
and on German supermarket shelves ✌️
Good Eggwhites

Good Eggwhites

Branding, packaging and a website for Pumperlgsund — new healthy food brand introduced to German market. Created from scratch to launch their fir Read more


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