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Daily UI Challenge [41-50]
DailyUI challenge
Day 41: Workout Tracker
fitness tracker, wearable device, wearable app design, fitness app design, android wear app, exercise app, android wear design, android user experience, wearable user interface, ux ui, wearable fitness app
Day 42: ToDo List
ios application design, todo application, user interface design, mobile design, minimal design, simple and clean, mobile app, todo design, ux ui, mobile experience, mobile user interface, ios design, iphone app
Day 43: Food/Drink Menu
minimalist design, ios app design, coffee application, coffee app, ios design, mobile ui, mobile app design, menu, cards, tabs, coffee menu, ux ui, mobile experience, horizontal scroll menu, ios design
Day 44: Favorites
favourite button, like button, social met button, heart button, microinteraction design, after effects, ui animation, interaction design, user interface animation, ux ui, prototype, heartbeat, web design, web user interface, web ui
Day 45: Info Card
user profile card, user interface, web design interface, web ui, user experience design, user profile ui, social net design, social network design, profile card, adventure time style, ux ui, web interface
Day 46: Invoice
invoice, mobile, overlay, modal card, bill, ticket, e-commerce, mobile interface, minimalist, item list, table, uxui, price, modal design, popup, card interface, material design, simple and clean
Day 47: Activity Feed
feed, social list, custom table view, mobile app design, coffee app, activity feed, mobile user interface, friend list, user cards, social feed, event list, activity feed, ux ui, mobile interface, ios
Day 48: Coming Soon
web interface, coming soon page, single page application, progress bar, typography, slider, pager, web site, simple site, minimalist web interface, landing page, promo web, web design
Day 49: Notifications
mobile app icon design, notification, label notification, messenger, mobile interface, app icon, live notification, new message, update, mobile interaction design, prototyping, mobile ux, interactive button, ux concept
Day 50: Job Listing
mobile job app, listing, custom interactionable table view, filter, sorted outcome, search result, card listing, job listing design, mobile interface design, favourite button, cell list, table list, job search
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Daily UI Challenge [41-50]

Daily UI Challenge [41-50]

DailyUI challenge.