3 Dimensional CGI Modelling and Texturing
This is a university project, which main brief required the generating of a 3D humanoid character. The starting point had to be the basic paper roughs of the imagined character, which would then become image planes. It is important that all of the features coincide, as otherwise it would be difficult and problematic to model them. I decided that I would like my model to be female, with a more realistic human structure in order challenge myself with the difficulty to create a human body. My choice was related with the intention to learn more about the modelling and texturing of a 3D complex shape. My character possesses a slightly exaggerated body of a human being with a larger head and sharpened years. However, one of the modifications that had to be done on a later stage was the necessity the head to be slightly reduced due to the caused larger disproportion and misbalance of the model.
Because of the fact that the character has to beready for animation, it was critical that the geometric flow is correct. That iswhy the starting shape was a cube. With the use of several tools as Move,Rotate and Scale and the guidance of the plane images the body started toreveal the half of the future vision of the character. When modelling the limbsand extruding the fingers, a careful consideration had to be applied in orderto avoid the formation of unwanted triangles and to keep the mesh suitable foranimation.
The next step regarded the modelling of the head. The basic shape was again a cube, which needed to be subdivided so that the basicfeatures of the head could be placed correctly. Similarly to the body modellingthe face had to be created by using the Polygonal tools. This time, however,some additional processes were needed in order the mouth, the nose, the eyesand the years to be realistic and possibly suitable for animation.
The main material, which is used to create the finalrendering, is Lambert because of itssmooth and mat surface that suits perfectly for skin. The clothes are alsointentionally made of the same material. Thus the feeling of them being part ofthe creature’s body could be emphasized. The eyes, however, had to be differentand brighter. For that reason, I chose Blinn,setting it to be slightly glowing from the inside.
Positioning the skeleton. 
Final renders
Textured model - close view.