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    Wooden series : box , plate and vase designed for sbodio32 at Milan design week 2016. Handcrafted and cnc miled objects made from single piece o… Read More
    Wooden series : box , plate and vase designed for sbodio32 at Milan design week 2016. Handcrafted and cnc miled objects made from single piece of wood. Read Less
comes in different forms, it refers to a state of purity – influencing society, our bodies, our souls, objects and our psychology. Digitalization techniques are being increasingly used due to their abilities in providing new and interesting opportunities for design process; in contrast, traditional artisan techniques have equally increased in popularity due to their individuality and natural aesthetic. 

A stunning vase with or without any kind of floral arrangement. Elegant craftsmanship brings to the fore the raw beauty of the material and softness of the design. Finished in a rugged fashion, with a painstakingly hand-made appearance, while minimalist in aesthetic, the simple design of this vase displays an uncommon attention to detail. A smooth, chipped wooden finish, with a purposeful dent in its side lends character, further transforming the vase into an artful sculpture as beautiful displayed on its own, or with dried or fresh flowers.                 
Serving Tray
Modest example of product design,
this serving tray represents precisely that – performing above and beyond utility in similar trays. Its modesty lies in the architectural allegory of the overall form. The outward, visible ‘manifesto’ of a general rejection of all things traditional, it serves a more prosaic function. It is, first and foremost, steady carrier of any cargo you might dispense on it, along with the cutting edge art of the modern variety. Made of tough, eye-pleasing wood, this tray expresses a ironic commentary on design and the impact of architecture on a granular level. Of course, it’s up to you to serve gourmet delights on this suggestive plane to equal its imagination.       
The unique dado of this bowl evokes a time long before the lustrous metals were discovered, hammered and shaped by hand to create home objects. It takes us back to ancient history when each piece of pottery meant the difference between craft and nature. Designer has enveloped this vessel of minimal, primordial shadow with an avant-garde perspective that defies the laws of time: unexpected angles among curves with a smooth exterior that’s all about modernity and the digital age. The contrast is provocative – filled with fruit, no one will ever grab an apple or a Kumquat without a wry twinkle from this bowl and a quiet nod to timeless style.
All eyes will be drawn to this face of self-confidence. Low hung and chiseled from a single piece of wood, it invites esteems of never-ending creativity. Think of it as your own whole-hearted, richly grained blank canvas, just waiting for all kinds of expressions. Caution: this may be addictive.
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