University Final Major Project
As designers, it is our job to keep the public interested and responding to advertising, and with people so involved with their phones and other portable technology as they travel through public spaces, is advertising captivating enough to get people to look up and absorb what we are selling? I dont think so.

For my final major project I created a series of data visualisations, for advertisers, to show the potential of introducing another sense into the advertising experience. Exploring smell, I collected data from a focus group of select indivuals from the same class, background, work ranking and race to get a really tight accurate collection of data so it can be applied to others so advertising in public spaces can fit accordingly to who lives in these areas. These smells were also related, using coffee shop type smells (aka coffee, bread, spreads, herbs, spices, fruit etc) so this testing can be applied to other groups of smells.

The final data visualtions relied on light to differentiate the layers of information. Taking colour away make the experience of my 30 smells hanging in thick acrylic more interactable.

Accompanying my final 30 data vsualtions was a box containing my 'Sniffs' for people to pick and smell themselves, with the positioning the same as the hung wall pieces, and a booklet breaking down the results further for deeper examination, which sits inside the box.