Future Communication Device design
---- for Bane ----

Smartphones have revolutionized the handheld product market. It may appear that there is little to explore in terms of alternative solutions to mobile communication, the iPhone is possibly the answer to everyone’s needs. The project aims to develop and showcase the personal Industrial Design skills through the presentation of a well considered design solution for personalized smartphone. The manufacturing constraints and cost would be less concerned than making a strong stylistic statement. Novel and original smartphones are expected to be created in this project.

Born in Prison
He was born in a prison called Peña Duro. Bane's childhood and early adult life were spent in the immoral penitentiary environment, 
this makes him become a cruel criminal.

Bane was forced to become a test subject for drug known as Venom. The drug vastly increases his physical strength, 
but he needs to take it every 12 hours or he will suffer debilitating side-effects. 

Hobbies & Interests
Ban’s natural abilities allowed him to develop extraordinary skills. He read as many books as he could, 
spent most of his spare time body building, and learned to fight in the merciless prison. 

Rule with fear
Gotham fascinated Bane because, like Peña Duro, fear rules Gotham.

Bane used  to commit crimes and battle with polices in Gotham, which is known as "No Man's Land". The portrayal of Gotham is that of a dark and metropolis rife with crime, grime, corruption, and a deep-seated sense of urban decay.

Bane’s ambition is to conduct his justice, destroying Gotham and Batman, whom he had heard stories from an inmate. 
Bane believed fate placed Batman on a collision course with him.

“Place your Persona in an interesting environment or situation that will provide you with the maximum scope for creating something different” 
-Karl Hurn-

With innovative technology, Bane’s phone is almost without button. It could be operate rapidly by brainwaves, which read by satellite sensor embedded on his head.

Enhanced antennas: Allowed Bane to communicate with his team members and issue orders in poor conditions(Underground). Neural sensor: Detecting the proportion of Venom, give appropriate drug when needed. Receiving orders from Bane, conduct them. Heat pipes: Cooling down high temperature gaseous state Venom for Bane to absorb.

Customizable double lenses: Compatible with DSLR lenses, which can be swapped to adapt sinister battlegrounds. 
Two lenses system allows Bane to measure the distance between him and his enemies.

Pluggable battery combined with refined Venom box is installed exposed, make it easily to change and replenish during combatant status.



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Future Communication Device design

Future Communication Device design

A project aims to create a communication device specifically for the chosen character, with appropriate form, style and construction, which meet Read More