Pietra aquarium
The client gave me an open brief to designa new model of a plant aquariumwhich should be unique.A product with infi nite potential often isjust a box with the water, without anyother charm.My aim was to rethink the emotional impactthat my project has on people, nomore the common rectangular box withwater, but something more.The concept was inspired by the subseaenvironment, with many elements thatwe can fi nd in the sea, like water, plants,fi shes and rocks.When you see the new aquarium youshould think of a charming object thatcan be in our world and not like an intrusiveobject.The name of the project is PIETRA andit’s Italian, which means rock, i chose thisname because the aquarium resemblesthe shape of natural rocks.Pietra has met the client expectation andit will be soon realized.
Pietra is in the manufacturing process by the client www.hinaler.com