Versus / Hearts
Versus/Hearts is personal side project for fun. :) It's all about rivals & their rivalry.
Rivals hate each other, but deep inside they know they couldn’t exist without the other. :)
This started 2 years ago with the the Ninja <3 Pirate sticker I made for my laptop and background pattern for Repeat-X Repeat-Y. I just revived it. :)
This is an on-going project. You can check the blog from time to time for updates. :)
The Pig & The Bird
The Zombie & The Plant
The Joke & the Bat
The Droid & The Apple
The Bomb & The Dove
The Spy & The Spy
The Genius Monkey & The Angry Cute Kid
The Demon & The Samurai
The Big Bad Monster & The Plumber
Ol' Metalhead & The Turle
The Skeleton & The Man!
The Student & The Master
The Geniuses
Red & Blue
The Titan & The Destroyer
The Egg & The Spike
The Snake & The Lightning
The Doc & The Rock
Ganon & Link
Venom & Spidey
The Street Fighters
Cat & Mouse
Volume 2
A new set of Versus/Hearts for the year 2013
Adventure Time!
Parker & Pi
from "The Life of Pi"
Sabertooth & Wolverine
Versus / Hearts

Versus / Hearts

A personal project of mine. It's all about Rivalry.

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