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    Magazine layout and editorial design
Lifechanges magazine is a bi-annual magazine distributed to 10,000 people nationwide. I worked closely with the Editor to choose imagery and layouts that worked in the limited space we had. 

This issue focussed on the 2015 Nepal earthquake. As well as creating interesting content, we also included a stand out 'call to action' on each page.
The magazine included a number of inspiring stories, exciting interviews, emotive photos,
useful facts and infographics.

The 12 page publication was jam packed and as the lead designer, it was my job to ensure that the layout was still attractive and different on each page. It was important that with so much information, the eye was still naturally guided to the most important information on the page.
I was also involved with other publications created by another designer in the company. My role for these publications below was to choose powerful photos to fit the themes of each report.