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    MTV " Hidden world " S/S10, Part of MTV Wonderland look book.
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A projects for MTV look book S/S10
Commissioned by The-Gild and MTV,

The Gild came up with a theme "Wonderland" for these MTV look book withsub 4 themes created by different Artists. My one is called "HiddenWorld" - It's all about looking at things closer and more into details.I got to draw 10 - 15 individual images / elements that work on it'sown as Badges and I have to use only those element to create 5illustrations / 4 borders and 4 patterns for each collection. Sobasically, It's like putting up a big jigsaws and try to make it work.I like the ideas and think the concept are interesting. Definitely goodtimes working on it and I'm happy with the result.

note* the images with T's are just the mock up I made it myself to suggest where the position should be (only for presentation)