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    An amusement park comes back to life through rebranding.
Lincoln Park Reopening
An amusement park brought back to life through design. 
Lincoln Park was an amusement park located on Route 6, three miles west of the UMass Dartmouth Campus. From 1894-1987, Lincoln Park was a popular place for the locals. Many of the park's remains of the park stood the test of time but after 27 years the park was fully demolished.
After researching, I noticed that may people had special memories associated with the amusement park, which made me wonder…what if Lincoln Park existed today?
I realized that the park never had designated logo or design system. I thought that it would be interesting to resurrect the park through design. My degree project proposes an identity for the park and includes a logo, a food packaging system, a wayfinding system, and a webiste.