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:: StringMachine MINIMAL :: Ariel Minimal's guitar
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    A hand made guitar made for Ariel Minimal by Galasso
The Ariel Minimal's guitar was constructed under three aspects: Concept, Sound and Functionality.

The concept of the instrument is to represent the musician.

Woods of differents colors and consistency (mahogany, cedar, sour cherry) on guitar's front follow the way Ariel Minimal moves between different compositional states.

The union between the multi-wood front and the back made of ash gives the guitar its characteristic attack.

The rosewood butterfly incrustation on the back is the symbol from his last album.

A maple bolt on handle and a couple of humbuckers from DS Pickups.

The controls respect the disposition to which Minimal is use to, 3-position mic switch on top and tone and volume for each mic on bottom.

Knobs made of bakelite, Schaller tuning keys and nut made of bone.

3-part pickguard made of rosewood reminds the album's butterfly.

The freatboard, made of rosewood too, has the inlay made of Mother of Pearl.