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The assignment required students to elaborate two panels based on two local (Canadian) Communication Designers; first panel, showcase a Communication Designer Pioneer and the second panel showcase an emerging Communication Designer. I chose Carl Dair and Andrew McCracken, respectively. 

Carl Dair was born in Welland, Ontario in 1912, he worked as a freelance designer and Art Director to the National Film Board of Canada and also teached typography at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD University) and the Jamaican School of Arts and Crafts. Dair published "Design with type", in this publication he defined seven typographic contrasts, this title became the first Canadian book to receive the Book of the Year award from the American Institute of Graphic Arts. 

His major contribution was Cartier, a typeface Dair designed based on hand lettering to create a regional typeface for Canada. Carl Dair built international reputation receiving many different awards in his lifetime. The poster is inspired by the patriotism and the culture in Canada and Carl Dair's Cartier. I decided to merge the first couple of words from the Canadian Anthem: "Oh! Canada" with Cartier to create: "Oh! Cartier", also decided to use a different colour and textured paper to create an antique feeling.  

As for an emerging Communication Designer I chose Andrew McCracken from Doublenaut, founded by him and his brother Matt McCracken, they specialize in anything related to graphic design. After high school Andrew moved to Toronto to study Design at Humber college, after graduating his fraternal brother-twin brother Matt moved to Toronto to form Doublenaut. Andrew describes his style as conceptual, colourful, simple, vintage fused with modern ideas. Doublenaut has been responsible for designing the entire Polaris Music Prize since 2006, incluiding website, invitations, newsletters, ads and tickets. Some other clients are: Explosions in the sky, Alexis on fire, The walrus, Penguin Canada and more.

As for Andrew McCracken's poster I decided to come up with two options, both inspired by mountains since he is from B.C. and somehow I wanted to include his twin brother Matt by adding a number 2 as part of the background on one of the posters.