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    Some recent illustrations (I took posters mostly for this selection) for the last few months.
A poster for a bicycle Retro Cruise in Kyiv
A page illo for ‘Kunsht‘ mag, the article about sports which are harmful for the heads of players.
Music poster for Closer space.
A poster for Autumn Jazz Season in Kyiv
Huge city poster for the creaitve space in Kyiv called Majster Class
Music poster for Closer space
How it is to live in Ukraine and to be an Optimist. About Revolution and Russan invasion in Ukraine. For 'Bird in Flight' column.
The openeer for an article about the first Prime Minister of Ukraine in 1992. For 'Bird in Flight' mag.
A music poster for a concert of Ukrainian-Canadian famous piano musician, one of the fastest pianists of the world, Lybomyr Melnyk.
An illustration for one of Stanislaw Lem's stories form his 'Cyberiad' book.
It's about the King who loved to be at war with all the world around and about his dangerous passion to raise the stakes.

For me this story is right about Putin and his wars. It's about his politics and, actually, his sick life philosophy.

Based on Coat of Arms of Russia.

For Polish-Ukrainian Illustration Fest 'Leminarium'.
A poster for the personal September Illustration workshop