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    ... The Anthropocene is an informal geologic chronological term that marks the evidence and extent of human activities that have had a significan… Read More
    ... The Anthropocene is an informal geologic chronological term that marks the evidence and extent of human activities that have had a significant global impact on the Earth's ecosystems... Read Less
The White Man must
Treat the beasts of this
land as his brother.
What is man without the beasts?
If all the beasts were gone,
man would die from a great
loneliness of spirit.
For whatever happens to
the beasts, also happensto the man.

Chief Seattle of the Puget Sound Suwamish Tribe (1855)
Buffalo Dusk
by Carl Sandburg

The buffaloes are gone.
And those who saw the buffaloes are gone.
Those who saw the buffaloes by thousands
and how they pawed the prairie sold into dust with their hoofs,
their great heads down pawing on in a great pageant of dusk,

Those who saw the buffaloes are gone.
And the buffaloes are gone.
The Fall of the Warrior
When the stars threw down their spears,
And water'd heaven with their tears,
Did He smile His work to see?
Did He who made the lamb make thee?

The Tiger By William Blake

Little Polar Bear

Little Polar Bear

White as the snow
Sat on the ice
Near the cold water's flow.
I am hungry, he said
and made a wish
Then stuck in his paw
And pulled out a fish!
(Collection of Arctic Bear Poems)
Vanishing Of The Bees in Four Chapters
Chapter1 - The Council
Chapter 2 - The Hive
Chapter 3 - Colony Collapse Disorder
Chapter 4 - Long Live The Queen!
* Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a phenomenon in which worker bees from a European honey bee colony abruptly disappear. While such disappearances have occurred throughout the history of apiculture, and were known by various names (disappearing disease, spring dwindle, May disease, autumn collapse, and fall dwindle disease), the syndrome was renamed colony collapse disorder in late 2006. in conjunction with a drastic rise in the number of disappearances of Western honeybee colonies in North America. European beekeepers observed similar phenomena in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, and initial reports have also come in from Switzerland and Germany, albeit to a lesser degree while the Northern Ireland Assembly received reports of a decline greater than 50%.

The mechanisms of CCD and the reasons for its increasing prevalence remain unclear, but many possible causes have been proposed: pesticides,  genetic factors; immunodeficiencies; loss of habitat; changing beekeeping practices; or a combination of factors.
(from Wikipedia)
Death on shores, 13th January, 2011.
Thousands of dead crabs have been washed up 
on Kent's beaches after being killed by the cold weather.

If I Were A Bird

If I were a bird, I'd sing a song
And fly about the whole day long
And when the night comes, go to rest,
Up in my cozy little nest.
by Jackie Silberg
Birds Found Dead In Arkansas, Louisiana & Sweden... January 8, 2011.