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A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. A particularly distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the paint
A consultation usually leads to a detailed design and layout of the proposed mural with a price quote that the client approves before the muralist starts on the work. The area to be painted can be gridded to match the design allowing the image to be scaled accurately step by step. In some cases the design is projected straight onto the wall and traced with pencil before painting begins. Some muralists will paint directly without any prior sketching, preferring the spontaneous technique.
Once completed the mural can be given coats of varnish or protective acrylic glaze to protect the work from UV rays and surface damage.
As an alternative to a hand-painted or airbrushed mural, digitally printed murals can also be applied to surfaces. Already existing murals can be photographed and then be reproduced in near-to-original quality.
The disadvantages of pre-fabricated murals and decals are that they are often mass produced and lack the allure and exclusivity of an original artwork. They are often not fitted to the individual wall sizes of the client and their personal ideas or wishes can not be added to the mural as it progresses.

MADHUBAN Police acadmy museum " Salute"
MADHUBAN police academy museum "CHAKRAA" WITH LIGHT
Created in Fibre Glass presented with Sound and light.
MADHUBAN police academy museum "FORENSIC SCIENCE" 
MADHUBAN police acadmy museum "Playing Polo mural" Police training in POLO game.
MADHUBAN police acadmy museum "Traffic police".
MADHUBAN police acadmy museum " Stage natak". (Layout)
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