Dotknąć muzyki (Touching Music) is a unique book that transfers the language of architecture and its materials into book form.
The book is special because the designers used ‘Curious Matter Red’ innovative paper, which is coated with tiny upcycled potato waste for a unique tactile finish.
The book focuses on the creation of the new seat of the Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra, which opened in October 2014. It is one of the latest and most stunning concert halls in Europe. The book tells two different stories. The red pages focus on the architects’ story (Konior Studio), and explain the creation of the building from the initial preliminary sketches, the concert hall acoustics project (Nagata Acoustic) to the final construction. The white pages explore the building and its surroundings through essays written by, among others, contemporary architectural critics including Aaron Betsky and Joseph Rykwert.
The book is illustrated with photos taken between 2012–2014. The first ones are in black and white, but as the work progresses they are gradually followed by colour photos. The final chapter reveals the shape of the building during the opening concert.
The red pages (Curious Matter Red) include a wide range of different content, such as pictures, sketches and architectural drawings. In order to unify these materials, the designers decided to print them in black and white to make the colour of the paper stand out even more. The paper for the content and the cover was carefully selected to reflect the varying texture of the materials used in the construction of the building. The embossment of the front cover – which mirrors the colouring of the main concert hall exterior walls – allows the reader to touch the music like never before.
Dotknąć Muzyki / Touching Music