The Marauder
L-RAV (Light Reconnaissance and Assault Vehicle)
In this project for my Models and Prototyping Class in 2012, we (a group consisting of myself and 5 of my peers) were required to design and build a life sized Dune buggy using only Foam-core presentation board, cardboard, tape and glue. We were given two weeks to complete this prototype.

This Prototype, named The Marauder, is light military vehicle, equipped a 50 Caliber machine gun, winch, fully illuminated dashboard, full suspension, and off road lights. It seats 1 driver and 2 rear passengers or 1 driver and 1 gunner. The design is inspired by the angular bodies of stealth jet fighters and modern recreational dune buggies.

The prototype has a working engine compartment (opens to show full sized motor), swiveling gun, full sized racing seat, LED embedded dashboard, and the gas cap even opens.