Rosie's Tale is a 10 level labirinth game. Rosie is a little ghost, she awakes in the forest, lost and without any memories of her past because she has lost her heart. She will start an adventure in the forest her purpose is to have back her heart and her memories.During the game we will find some friends (the howl and the fox) and some enemies (Niall the thorns knight and Brona the Queen in the forest).

Those illustration rappresent the most important moment of the plot.
She is a little ghost who has lost her heart and her memories, she starts a journey in the deep forest to find them, she will meet friends and enemies.
He's the first friend Rosie meets. She has lost the right way and he helps her to find it again.he has the ability to show Rosie 20% of the way.
He's the second friend Rosie meets. Rosie is stuck in front of an obstacle so he suggest her to climb it. The fox has the ability to create shortcuts.
Niall, the thorns Kight:
Once he was the guardian of the forest, its task was to protect all creatures, but was defeated by Brona, the queen in the forest , who made him her slave. Niall tried to escape, but brona found out and punished him by stabbing him with a hundred iron thorns. From that day Niall fighting for Queen and under his command tries to defeat rosie. But moved by Rosie's purity of heartlays his sword and sides with her, betraying the queen in the forest. Niall has the ability to alert rosie thirty seconds before brona attacks.
Brona, the queen in the forest:
Brona is the queen of the forest, she is very dreaded by all creatures because of his infinite cruelty. Driven by envy of rosie stole my heart , because all creatures loved the ghost. Brona has the power to completely change the maze.
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Rosie's Tale