NoBull Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign
Anti-Cyberbullying Multimedia Campaign
NoBull is a non-profit organization that teaches kids how to deal with and prevent cyberbullying by utilizing data about the online habits of 12-17 year olds to create an all-inclusive interactive world, which would provide them with a community in which to play and discuss with their peers. Target research showed positive reactions to the campaign.
Event posters, augmented reality characters, interactive self-mailers, an exhibit design, an online network, an interactive teaser game, and finally, some small promotional items including stickers and team shirts.
To play with the interactive teaser game, please go here: NoBull  Teaser Gamer
The main three types of cyberbullying were turned into characters in a larger online world: each had background stories, victims/minions, and specific environments. The design of these posters translates those attributes visually, in addition to alluding to their respective modus operandi. The message was left vague on purpose, to cultivate discussion and curiosity.
These one-sheet paper craft mailers featured the victims of the previously depicted villains and reinforced the user's investment in each storyline. After reading the short character background story and assembling the little creature, users were encouraged to interact with their new friends using augmented reality technology. Each day that they interact with the character, they discover new information about how to help them heal, how to prevent the abuse they suffered, and what's new in their world. This is a low environmental impact, low-budget solution that has a high impact on the user.
Interactive self-mailer event invitations also featuring the victims of each bully type, highlighted one of the main issues of cyberbullying: a person can easily change between victim and abuser without even realizing it. The front of the mailer features the phrase "Sometimes it happens without any intent". The mailer comes glued shut and once opened, forces the user to rip the victim's "heart" out, thus putting the responsibility directly in the receiver's hands.
The exhibit design and accompanying directional wall graphics would be placed inside participating schools where most of the interactions between students are actualized. The exhibit visually represents the virtual world which is always present underneath our physical world. It features floor graphics, wall wraps featuring each victim's home world, interactive iPad stations, and an open space design allowing for the set-up of games and face-to-face interactions geared towards building teamwork and trust between students.
These team shirts help reinforce a sense of belonging and loyalty, and help distinguish players during the real-life events in public areas.
Finally, the website utilizes design elements that kids know and use in their everyday online interactions (for example, blog layouts for news) . Following the rest of the design aesthetic, it focuses heavily on graphics as opposed to text, and features interactive areas that hint at the upcoming capabilities of the new game. An interactive teaser game is linked directly on the homepage and guides users through 3 puzzle levels that reveal more clues about the villains, victims, and geographies of this new world. At the end of this experience, the user is randomly placed in one of three teams and is given a team specific password which unlocks special material and event information.
To play with the interactive teaser game, please go here: NoBull  Teaser Gamer