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    Impressions from New York City
New York
4-dimensional living
I finally got my rolls back from my recent visit to New York last weekend. This time it was special because I only took my M6 and a 35mm Summicron with me as I wanted to get a purist experience --- essentially no post-processing and a minimal setup. Just scanned the pics - nothing else. In total I shot 5 rolls of film (mostly Ektar 100) - some for professional purposes some for fun. Here is a collection of my favorite shots. 

Part 1 is called "the other side" and tries to capture the vertical living aspect that is so pre-dominant in New York City. It is followed by Part 2 which is a random collection of some of my impressions.
What is the idea behind 4-dimensional living? Whenever I am in New York I have the feeling that life does not just happen on the 3-dimensional ground-level + time layers but one needs a fourth dimension, the vertical one, to understand New York. A lot of the essentials actually happen above street level. And sometimes when you pay close attention you can guess this from looking through the windows.
The second part is a collection of some of my impressions that I had when I was in the city - I shot also one roll of XP2 black-and-white. You find some of those shots at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.