Inked Voices - Redesigning the UX
New visitors were not signing up because the website’s text-heavy and confusing layout obscured the site’s value.
We optimized the content and layout so that the core features and benefits were clearer. In addition we added more sign up spots.
My role
I focused on content strategy, information architecture, and wireframing to redesign the website and reprioritize the site’s content. 
Competitive Research
We looked at similar sites and services to understand how the industry and sites work. In addition we compared features to gain inspiration for our future designs. 
User Research & Personas
We surveyed and interviewed users to understand their writing group behavior. In addition, we conducted contextual research, watching users use the site and gleaning behavioral insights.
Using the research, we distilled patterns and insights by making an affinity map and identified various user personas, including the one we would design for -- the one most likely to sign up for a subscription. 
The different personas we discovered
The main persona we designed the site for. Jane is the type of user we want to target because she will be interested in trying out the website and possibly becoming a paying customer
Content Strategy & Inventory Audit 
Our research indicated users were overwhelmed with the site’s text content. With our client, we created a content strategy and removed unnecessary or irrelevant content. 
Card Sorting & Information Architecture
To understand how to structure the site, we had users card-sort site content, to understand how they categorized information. In contrast to traditional paper card sorting, I used Grafio, an iPad app that sped up the process considerably. 
Site Map
From the card sorting results, we created a new, simpler, and more intuitive navigation structure for the site. In addition, the site flow changed somewhat to encourage user signups. 
Initial site map of the Inked Voices website
Final site map for Inked Voices
Style guide for the Inked Voices website redesign
Prototyping, Testing, and Iterating
We started designing first by sketching multiple low fidelity wireframes to get the overall layout. Next, we started testing out our medium fidelity wireframes on users to see if functionality was clear before creating the higher fidelity mockups to send to the client. 
Payment page mockup
Homepage mockup
Final mockups for the Inked Voices website
Inked Voices - Redesigning the UX

Inked Voices - Redesigning the UX

We redesigned Inked Voices for a client by creating a content and information architecture, decluttering its UI, and streamlining the trial proce Read More