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    A personal wiew on the Umberto Saba's (1883-1975) poetry "La Capra" (The Goat).
Umberto Saba (1883-1975)

Ho parlato a una capra.
Era sola sul prato, era legata.
Sazia d'erba, bagnata
dalla pioggia, belava.

Quell'uguale belato era fraterno
al mio dolore. Ed io risposi, prima
per celia, poi perché il dolore è eterno,
ha una voce e non varia.
Questa voce sentiva
gemere in una capra solitaria.

In una capra dal viso semita
sentiva querelarsi ogni altro male,
ogni altra vita.


I was speaking to a goat.
She was alone in the field, tied up.
Sated with grass, wet
with rain, she was bleating.That selfsame bleat was brother
to my own pain. And I replied, at first
in jest, then because pain is eternal,
a constant voice.
This voice sounded
in the groan of a lonely goat.
In a goat with a Semitic face,
a sound to represent all other woes,
all other life.