Macabre - The Original Skeleton Sock Monkey
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    Macabre - The Original Skeleton Sock Monkey
The Original Skeleton Sock Monkey
In October 2008, I designed my very first "made-to-order" monkey. Prompted by a friend who suggested that I worked on making characters that I could remake on demand, I started to think about a character that I'd like to remake over and over. Until this point, I'd been making mostly all one-of-a-kind monkeys and hadn't really thought past a sustainable brand.

In August, I had bought my young son a t-shirt that had a rib cage on it. My older son was obsessed with a jacket he had, that also had a rib cage. I have always been a big fan of black and white striped socks, and the two merged and I came up with Macabre. He was the very first character that I created.
The very first version of Macabre had a pieced together rib cage. There are only a few Macabres out there like this. I believe I sold only a few in 2008.
By the end of Halloween 2008 I had emails pouring in asking for the Skeleton Monkey. I knew that I still wasn't happy with the design and I couldn't possibly make then fast enough with the rib cage I was using. So I sat down and drew a rib cage of my own that would be one piece.

Since then I've made about 20 a year for Halloween and a few others by custom orders outside of the season for customers who wanted them other times of the year.

I've also made baby sized Macabres, Keychains, Winged versions, and there's even earrings. In the future there will be more jewelry and clothing. I'm working on a full accessory line for the future of the brand.
Smaller Version of Macabre, only about 10-11" 
Winged Macabre for Valentines Day 2010.
SPADE - a special Skeleton Monkey whom I made after the Tim Burton release of Alice in Wonderland.
Full body Ear Studs. There's also a head-only version.
... and PARADOX, a reverse version of Macabre.
The classic Macabre is in stock in my store every year for Halloween and can be ordered through me, year round by special order by contacting me at or in my sales catalog at