3D Design
These are various projects created in Maya for use in animation, web design, and 3D printing.
Logo for Apollo Lapin. Exported as an .stl file and printed using an Ultimaker 3D Printer
Logo for Hill Country Claims Service, TX. Maya 2011
An Art Nouveau inspired, votive candle holder. Designed in Maya for export to Ultimaker 3D printer
This is a still from a short film I made entirely in Maya and Quicktime 7 about two robots on an undersea voyage in seach of a mysterious red ball.
This is the full video.
designs for kid friendly headsets, Maya 2012
This is a fridge I built using Maya 2012. I call it the "Freezebox"
This is a stove I built to match the fridge, Maya 2012 "Hotbox"
And here's the kitchen, needs a sink...