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Website design and letterhead for interview project
I was involved in making a interview-video about creativity in advertising, an initiative
by the agency I work at. I did the letterhead logo and the visual design as well as the website layout.

Info on the project:

"This is an initiative to start a discussion about key topics in Hungarian advertising. The project, started by Ogilvy, was also joined by Kreatív, Vodafone, Cluso, HD Group, Samsung, Nestlé, and Kirowski, among others. We are asking some of the most influential thinkers and doers from different fields of the business about the current state, the biggest challenges and the future of the market as they see it.
The first question we posed is this: “What effect do you believe creativity can have (or should have) in advertising today?”

credits: Director: Viktor Horváth
Sound Design: Tamás Erdész
Art Director: Zoltán Visy, Áron Hujber (me)
Account Director: Réka Sályi
Project Coordinator: Margit Deák, Karolina Galácz

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