Reimagined Marvel Characters
Years ago I decided, while learning how to color in photoshop, I would redesign characters from the Marvel universe.  Some are based off their origins, and some I just took them in a different direction completely.  This is always an on-going project as I learn new techniques and skills.
The Hulk
A man gets hit with tons of radiation and turns green when he gets angry?  Why not just a large tumor?  This Hulk sure does get angry, but he just staggers around groaning.  His burns have healed, but dude's just a big lump.
I think this is what I would be doing if I had Spiderman's powers - getting all of those crazy spots that I could never hit.  Imagine the spots you could hit if you could climb walls and shoot around.  I gave him a regular outfit, hoodie, sweatpants, sneakers; it makes more sense to put him in an outfit like this.  His face is covered with a wool mask and goggles.
Namor - The Sub-Mariner
A man born in the sea who tries to live on land.  He fails and now stays in the sea, unable to be accepted by humans and land walkers.  I decided to completely ditch any human features except for his body type and imagine him as the Little Mermaid.
 Dr. Octopus
 While experimenting with mind control, Dr Octavius meets his mental match and is over taken by an octopus with intentions of killing humans.  Now, Dr. Octavius is just a vessel with legs that the octopus communicates through.