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    Cut-away illustration of Tree Fort from Adventure Time show.
What Time is it? It's Cutting Time!

If you ever wonder the structure of Finn and Jake’s house from Adventure Time, then here is the answer! The detailed cut-away illustration, showing living floors, secrets and abandoned areas. With lovely main characters hanging around.

Check this out:
So, maybe we should have a closer look. From the boat!
Bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen.
Nice bass, Marceline!
Sea Lard, what are you doing here?
Worms siren for King Worm in the Attic:
Chilling water nymphs:
Keep an eye for Peppermint Butler in the Den:
Next is the most secret area of the Fort. Years ago there was a jail. But it became useless after building the prison in Candy Castle. Since then Finn and Jake have never used it, so it became abandoned.
Pure love:
Treasure room.
Hey, looks like we have some pies for dinner!
Play Time!
Wow, it looks like treasure:
So, here is Adventure Time Tree Fort!
I hope you'll enjoy exploring it as much as I enjoyed drawing it.-)

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