For my senior thesis project, I have chosen to design and develop a themed package design. A package design that would allow me to create a branding identity, logos, posters, some illustration work, and a back story to the overall theme. I decided to create this back story to fit with my interest in sci-fi and horror. (NERD ALERT!!!)

One of the biggest challenges that I faced with developing my concept was how I could fully tell the story of Marrow Industries and how it used the city of Karyon as a disguise to test Marrow on human subjects within the
designated 4x4ft gallery space. Within this space, I chose to utilize print material to portray the story of Marrow within a retro-futuristic world.

Immediately, I began brainstorming what type of printed material one would expect to see in a futuristic city that was at civil unrest. The ideas that first came to mind were propaganda posters. This would serve as the largest graphical support of my display setup. Posters would allow me to showcase each identity of my thesis, Marrow,Karyon, and The Rift. Within these posters I could portray what each element was hoping to achieve. For example, Karyon was trying to bring in subjects for Marrow testing in a subliminal way that made Karyon out to be this perfect city, thus I chose the tagline, “Make the Move”. This tagline provided an influence to the nomads, who were left homeless after the war that left earth barren, to seek shelter within the walls of Karyon. Inside of Karyon, the workers would find homes and jobs in building the city.

Marrow, being tested on these early movers, had such great results after the men and women who built Karyon showed great increases in speed and strength during the city’s construction. However once the city was finished and new travelers occupied Karyon, the original nomads were deemed unfit for Karyon as they began showing signs of illness. In order to cover Marrow Industries’ tracks, Karyon cast these nomads to the wayside. After many of the nomads were dying, those who were able bodied formed what came to be known as The Rift
, a small village that sought to be the beginning of the end for Marrow Industries. As more and more citizens began showing negative effects from over exposure to Marrow, The Rift began to increase in size and remained unwatched by the leaders of Karyon. Once The Rift began to regain its strength, the village morphed into a resistance hell-bent on destroying Marrow Industries and its creator once and for all. Who will come out victorious? The Rift, or Marrow Industries?

I have decided to leave that decision up to you.

Thank you for taking a moment to view my work, I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I have creating it.