It's All About Balance
This project is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, just to show myself I could. I loved it. I started by writing a short story, 9 pages written longhand. This was a challenge for me, I'm really not much of a writer, somewhat, but it really isn't my main area of expertise. I then converted the story to a script, and from the script I was able to complete a 104 page storyboard along with some character concept work. This was an interesting experience, my story was centered around the concept of balance, and as I wrote it I found it as a parallel to the process of the project itself. Finding balance in my time, and in my life in general really made the difference in the progress I made. I learned that the more balanced I am, the more powerful I am as a designer. Funny how things work out. Enjoy!
First Character Concept
Continued Character Ideation
Final Suit Concept