Wild Turkey American Honey Calendar 2012
HEAT. That's the first thing that comes to mind when we think back to the Wild Turkey American Honey calendar shoot in Austin, Texas last summer. Two days, twelve models, twenty-four shots. And HEAT.
Wild Turkey held a nation-wide competition for the 2012 American Honey Calendar Girl, and ladies from all over our fine country eagerly signed up, ready to convince America that they have what it takes to be the American Honey Calendar Girl. The competition was narrowed down to the top twelve, and these finalists were sent to Austin, Texas for a very fast-paced two days of 105º outdoor, on-location photo shoots. Brian and his crew adhered to a rigorous schedule, moving gear to locations all over a Texas-sized cattle ranch and horse stable; setting up, breaking down, perfecting lighting and shots, sorting through photos and making final selections to be edited and ready for judging at the final contest, only hours away. 
The shoot was a success, with no heat exhaustion, no rattlesnake bites, and we also managed to get some great photos: twelve hero shots, twelve stand-ups, some great outtakes, and lots of great video footage shot and edited by our good friends at Tangent Mind. Here are some of the most popular photos form the calendar, and a Honey bio video by Tangent Mind. 
Client: Wild Turkey American Honey
Agency: Shaw
CD: Brian Clever
AD: Zach Hollywood
AE: Courtney Frank