The Alien project was completed during a 6 month internship at Jaguar Land Rover, It was inspired by concept art released for a fictional upcoming Alien movie. Our goal was to design, realise and animate a Jaguar Land Rover space shuttle into the mood of this universe.
This undergraduate project was a good opportunity to show our creative skills in a coherent working group.


Coming together from Coventry University and the ISD of Valenciennes, we were all involved in the design creation of the vehicles, and in the later stages the design realisation through the use of physical models and the animation. 

In order to include some JLR vehicles into the Alien universe, we worked on a backstory where the help of the different manufacturers of the Earth joined to help fight against an imminent invasion of the Xenomoprhs (scientific name of the aliens).
We finally decided working on two vehicles according to the brand values Jaguar and Land Rover:
 - An ambassador Jaguar spaceship that has been converted as a travelling  scientific research facility.
 - A versatile Land Rover vehicle that can explore and collect scientific samples on an unknown planet.

The Alien story is based on a company called Weyland-Yutani which is trying to exploit the Xenomoprhs for military and commercial purposes. This behaviour doesn’t into the Jaguar Land Rover values so we decided to imagine a new organisation called IDO (Interplanetary Defence Organisation) that has been set up by the different governments of the Earth to re-establish the harmony in the universe.

The animation idea was to make an introduction trailer of our story that shows the two vehicles evolving in different types of environments. We started with a storyboard helping to find which part of the story we wanted to focus on.

To contrast with the Weyland-Yutani’s industrial language we developed the interior of our mother ship where the mission starts with the idea of making something minimalist and clear.


Thank you for watching !