MA degree project, exhibited at Galeria Posibilă in Bucharest. Two years of research and work tackling nature itself as a subject taking shape into print: a book, an expedition journal revealing the process, from expeditions in the field, to work in the studio.

A deliberate overstatement, the expedition signifies knowledge; tackling a romantic subject such as nature; complete immersion into a space known only through the naive perspective of one’s childhood; searching for that ‘something’ that could spark interest or light the fuse to any kind of creative process; the possibility of failure; one’s struggle with nature; rain; cold; lightning. After the long search comes discovery; that form of natural curiosity that appeals to you: fern; cutting; carrying; drying; the road to Bucharest; dyeing; printing; rotting; imprints on clay; plaster; sulfuric acid. And then sketches; photography; scale models; experimental work; rethinking; over thinking. In the end I couldn’t let them go; any of them. I put them all in a book. The expedition journal features them all, good and bad. The expedition has not ended yet.
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