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Hoaxers 2016, 2018

In memoriam Bård Harald Fosse, known by his alias BHF, who passed away in April 2018.

"Words, paused on
that last thought.
Sailed nights
in November. Long
before, together.
Two steps forward,
one backwards,
to return again."

I made an image in hires (underlay multiplexed multicolor sprites(3 colors) with hires $3fff overlay(black)).
Presented in the demo: "Frantic4BHF" by Hoaxers, shown at X, Someren, The Netherlands (2-4 november 2018).
Recieved the 7:th place in the demo-competition:

S3C23TS (Secrets)
7:th Place in the graphics competition at Gubbdata 2016, Lund, Sweden (1-3 July 2016)

This graphic mode utilizes multiplexed sprites in sets of 7 expanded (double width) hires sprites along each row of lines (covering the line completely), starting from the opened upper and lower border and then continues throughout the whole screen on top of a multicolored bitmap. Underneath both the bitmap and sprite graphics there are raster lines, which in theory could change color each line. I first started to experiment with the mode in the images "October" and "Dis-/connect", infact already back in 2012-13 from the "Frontier" demo and "Plaisir du Multiplex".

The result is creating larger images than presumably seemed impossible once upon a time (160x293, instead of the normal 160x200 pixels high images), with the impression of having more colors what is possible set per defined charblock (normal is 3 with static background of each 4x8 charblock). With the later Censor Design demo "Wonderland XIII", the very next level is reached in this scene, I hope.

Here the code was executed by Stian, who's always been very helpful in presenting different ideas of mine. Since there is no editor present to draw these kind of images, I use Photoshop and layers to control the output, pixel in PixCen and regularly check the possible color clash count with a small aid-program.

3:rd place in the Old-school Demo-competition at Solskogen 2016, Flateby, Norway (15-17 July 2016)


In Bond-In Bondage
To Give-To Get
Stian made a great contribution of mathematical code, which I could polish somewhat for the spike balls in the beautiful endless-bobs part.
Original sketches  and different ideas, some later reused as I saw fit for other projects.
Music used in the video:
"Dimensions" - Watson & Beasley, 2013
"Smokin' Tidbits" - The Edwards Generation, 1976
"Mirrors" - Dam Funk, 2009
"It's time to wake up" - Bohannon, 1997
"On & On (my funk goes)" - Dam Funk, 2009

Hoaxers 2016, 2018

Hoaxers 2016, 2018

(2016 06 14-25) S3C23TS (2016 01-07) fREUd