Censor Design 2016
THI2T33N (Thirteen)
4:th place in the graphics competition at Gubbdata 2016, Lund, Sweden (1-3 July 2016)

Unlike the work in Hoaxers, Robert re-coded the routine of the sprite-overlay to fully be implemented in demonstrations (ie with sampled music and raster demanding tasks, full control and scrolling of $d021 registers) and was already on the track of the liberating layered routines, which later manifested in the "Wonderland XIII". Stian made an important contribution, not credited. We made a collaboration together, which unfortunately didn't end up as high as we both had wished for. The code is still there, ready for future use.

Again, just as previously work utilizes some advanced computer coding in order to view the image. Multiplexed hires sprites, which is expanded in x-axis, covers the whole screen (7 on each row) whilst there is a bitmap image in the regular 160x200 format onto the screen (160x293) and underlaying raster lines. Open borders, rasterlines composed along the sprites and bitmap to give the impression of more colors than thought possible from the native formats alone.

I found out that there is a way to either go for hires $3fff characters covering the screen with multiplexed multicolored sprites underneath + rasters, or setting the raster lining to position a set, a-b-c coloring to increase the impression. But there is a level where the final result is quite difficult to control... But which I will try out, in the future. This was a fundamental start!

"Big things has small beginnings"

Some of the inspirations, on a meta-level for the actual image. A self-portrait in a non-gender/female form,
questioning the normative view on what is noted to be "male" behaviour.
Gaspar Noe´s "Seul contre tous", a man looses everything and takes revenge on the world with the conception of love driven to the end. Mads Mikkelsen playing the culturally refined connoisseur "Hannibal", sophisticated as to regard everything as an act of art, even killing. The social misfit taking law in his own hands with De Niro acting in "Taxi Driver". Lars Noréns searching through human culture to understand their loss and strength in very powerful, sometimes questionable theatrical plays and writings.
Wonderland XIII
3:rd place in the demo competition at X'2016, Someren, Netherlands (28-30 October 2016)
Winner in the cathegory "That's not possible on this platform", The Meteoriks 2017.


Mock-ups and sketches not used.
Ideas about sprites, chars and expanded borders & rasterbars with colorful graphics of different sorts and mock-ups to have an idea about the possible outcome. To be investigated further by anyone keen on coding/drawing.

From left to right: 1. $3fff/chars + multicolored sprites underneath, 2. hires-expanded sprites + rasters underneath in a-b-c repeated pattern of different colors (light blue, light red, green), sprite color is orange, quite colorful. 3. Multicolored expanded sprites with rasters underneath (the least appealing, but could easily fill up even the side-borders with space left for chars and stuff in the middle).
The Introduction, presenting Alice
Storyboard I
Storyboard as chapters in a book, introduced by John and interpreted by me. To have an ongoing meta-level/narrative in the demo connected to a few parts and to resolve some kind of transition-effect by simple means.

I imagined Alice to be a young woman, with her own complexity and desires, perhaps even to the extent, filled with diagnoses. Deciding to take those last pills to enter her wonderland filled with horrors and adventures. Finally expressed in her restful death against her alter-ego, having the mask of Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13:th) as her solely lone imagined friend and lover, but also her outlet.

I developed the ideas further and finally put her up on show as not only petite, but a mature woman with clearly sensitive and complex sexual desires in the large scrolling image. Not as an object, but rather emphasizing the joy of creating and participating competition as a remarkable act of endurance through pain and pleasure through beauty.
Storyboard II
When the parts started to get ready in late August 2016, it was about time to have a set up of wished flow and something for the musician to work against (timeline). It didn't fall out the way intended due to the actual architecture of the machine.
Graphics from the demonstration.
The animations are not computed, but drawn from scratch. In collaboration with Robert, John and Fredrik, I tried my best in interpretation of something which could look awesome whilst animated, layered and in sync with the music.
I was able to have the 12 framed animation, without compromises or char-optimization within one charset (255 characters).
The rotation and the actual frames are drawn completely by hand and simple perspective rules.
References and peaks at other peoples work is not seldom in the demoscene. Here is a small comment scrolling a keyboard towards Zoltans "Still ready.", but we imagined it to be so much more. Had to divide this on two charsets (512 characters). The 6 framed animation is hand drawn using a simple one-point perspective. The keystrokes never went into the final demonstration.
Alice, sweet Alice
I have such pleasures to show you
Inspired by Mimsy Farmer, acting in Franscesco Barillis film "Il profumo della signora in nero" (1974)
...Pleasures beyond your belief...
Working with Fredik was great. He had seen one of my still-images from a none-completed cooperation and asked if I could get it to animate). I eventually made him code a guideline of levels, whilst I still had to draw everything by hand, when I hoped for a computer to resolve the aesthetic problem. The final result only uses 140 unique chars out of the standard 255 characters in a set in an animation which could have had endless possible frames / shapes.
Late night impressions and parts never made.
Censor Design 2016

Censor Design 2016

(2016 04 30-05 15) THI2T33N Sprites, rasters and bitmap