Abstract Fireworks
Digital Photography
I was on my way to downtown Asheville to see the 4th of July fireworks a couple of years ago, and I was debating whether to take my camera or not. I felt we have all seen enough fireworks and at that moment I couldn't think of anything new to do. But I took  my camera anyway. While watching the fireworks display, I started to play with the shutter speed and the F- stops in combination and these are some of the images I got. 

                                                                                   Beautiful Lines
                                                                                    Leafy Lace
                                                                                Rain Drops, Diptych
                                                                                     Swirl, Diptych
                                                                              Birds Nest, Quad
                                                                                  Birds Nest, Green
                                                                                    Downward Motion
                                                                             Gold Weeds, B&W
                                                                               Lemon Lime, Inverted
                                                                             Cyan Swirls, Inverted
                   Flight, Inverted
Simple Weeds
Gold Rain
Electrified, Inverted
 Simple Flowers #1 B&W
 Simple Flowers #1 Inverted
 Simple Flowers #1
 Simple Flowers #3
 Simple Flowers #5
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