Flight of Fantasy

A project that was completed as part of digital design and animation in LIT-Tipperary. This project uses Adobe After Effects and 3ds Max in compliment to each other. I worked together with Adrian Fielding in this project.

A child is painting a picture of a space rocket in his playroom. As he looks at the picture the child imagines he is an astronaut flying his spaceship thought the galaxy. The painting of the space rocket will be animated with the child’s face in a spacesuit in the cockpit. Suddenly the spaceship hits a meteor and is sent spinning to the surface of a strange moon like planet and the boy jumps of his mangled ship to explore. As he bouncing along in the low gravity we see a pair of eyes on stalks peeping out round a moon rock. We see more and more of these eyes appearing as the child bounces along.

An alien pops out from behind a rock and approaches the boy who has noticed them and stopped, more aliens follow the first and soon the child is surrounded by lots of aliens who are talking in a strange language the kid cannot understand. The child tries to communicate with the aliens (speech bubbles containing pictures of the parts he needs to mend his spaceship come out of his mouth) but they cannot understand him although they too are clearly trying really hard to communicate.(speech bubbles containing unrecognisable symbols are coming out of their mouths)

The child bounces back into his wrecked spaceship where he retrieves a book from a cupboard. On the cover is a picture of a spaceman, an arrow and an alien, a book on how to speak the alien’s language.
The kid bounces back to the aliens and looks in the book. He says something and his speech bubbles are filled with the unrecognizable symbols of the alien language. The first alien replies in the same symbols which morph into recognizable spaceship parts in both bubbles to show that they now understand each other.
The speech bubbles of the other aliens also morph into the recognizable pictures as they all begin to understand the kid. Some aliens disappear behind the moon rocks and come back with the exact space ship parts the kid needs. The kid then blasts off from the planet waving good bye to his new friends.

Back in the real world the kid is once again looking at his rocket painting, his mother calls him to come for dinner, as he runs out of the room he turns. One of the aliens peeps out from behind the kid’s toy box and waves, the kid waves back and runs off for his dinner.
The ending credits read ‘Learn a new language make new friends’.