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    |rb| raquelbalsa
|rb| raquelbalsa
Complementary opposites, contrasts, patterns. Vibrant colors, texture, narrative. These are the ingredients…

[Some os the pieces were inspired by a childhood memory ... in kindergarten, the nuns, all evenings, climbed upstairs... and fluttered around, first of bowls, after the oven… until they had made what would be the "hóstia". I waited, all the evenings, at that door… eager for the remains of those crunchy circles ... I never forgot that soft texture that caught the light in a irresistible way, or the marked relief in what would be the (untouchable) "hóstias"… That sensation of delicious confort and perfect softness seems like a smell (often more deeply engraved in memory) never dissolved, nor distant. All the senses are involved in this memory, this image.]