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    Brand re-design opens up possibilities for a marketing firm to new clients, employees, and ways to think about itself
Popular Front wanted to be seen as broader than an interactive shop, a place that looked at the world through creative eyes and saw potential everywhere. The solution would start with a pure, modern expression that could be re-interpreted in execution
The solution begins with a super-modern, slightly abstract wordmark that feels as though in motion.
The letterforms de-construct into a vocabulary of interlocking shapes.
those shapes create a texture that houses the wordmark in a colorful primary lockup.
the texture can expand into a pattern, wrapping around formats, creating dimension, changing color, always moving.
It can be reduced and subtle or cropped and exaggerated, giving a humanity to geometric forms.
The stationery system uses several scales and color changes on its own.
Exaggerating scale, the pattern becomes window signage and architectural accents.
Laser cut business cards bring the user's environment into the graphic system.
The two most proprietary parts of the wordmark combine to create an abstract, energetic monogram.
Cropping and scale changes make simple applications dynamic.
The new popularfront.com walks the walk, bringing their view of the world and people to the forefront. Designed by Popular Front.
Using a softer sans-serif typeface like Bryant contrasts the extreme geometry and creates a feel that is timely, inventive, and confident.