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MODEL1 Mixer by PLAYdifferently
PLAYdifferently MODEL1 Mixer - Graphic Design & Branding
On-mixer graphics, visual identity & branding, packaging design & all promotional materials (which includes the pre-launch Prototypes Tour, the Berlin Launch in association with Boiler Room, and events & demonstrations around the world)

"MODEL1 is a mixer of uncompromising build quality, intuitive tactile controls and beautifully warm analog circuitry. MODEL1 is engineered by Andy Rigby-Jones and co-designed by Richie Hawtin, with two years of testing, insight and refinement with artists, clubs and engineers from across the electronic music community."

PLAYdifferently MODEL1 Mixer

Technical & Creative Design: Andy Rigby-Jones & Richie Hawtin
Graphics: Ben Slater
Branding: Ben Slater & Richie Hawtin
Technical Evaluation: Michael Hawtin, Johannes Kraemer

Early Alpha Prototype Feedback: Chris Liebing, Dixon, DJ Pete, Dubfire, Ean Golden, Frank Weidemann, Gideon Rathenow, Josh Wink, Krischan, Makswitat, Maceo Plex, Marcel Dettmann, Mark Ernestus, Pete Tong, Rødhad, Tiga, tINI

Final Prototype Evaluation: Adam Beyer, Apollonia, Ben Klock, Carlo Ruetz, Chris Liebing, Diego Krause B2B Cinthie, DJ Tennis, Dubfire, Ean Golden, Fabio Florido, Francois K, Frank Wiedemann, Henrick Schwarz, Hito, Joris Voorn, Joseph Capriati, Krischan Makswitat, Loco Dice, Marcel Dettmann, Matrixxman, Matt Karmil, Mike Servito, Paco Osuna, Rødhåd, The Martinez Brothers, Whyt Noyz

MODEL1 Mixer by PLAYdifferently

MODEL1 Mixer by PLAYdifferently

PLAYdifferently MODEL1 Mixer - Graphic Design & Branding. Which includes on-mixer graphics, visual identity, packaging design & all promotional m Read More