Codes - Imaginary maps of nonexistent cities
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    mixed media drawings, oil and pencil on paper, 30 x 30 cm.
CODES - Imaginary maps of nonexistent cities
oil and pencil on paper, 30 x 30 cm.
1998 - 2012
When we consider a road map or a map of the territory we note that they contain different information that are represented by different means, according to the purpose for which they were created: each time we find colors, symbols and words that recall a precise meaning. What happens if I take these techniques of representation, these symbols, and take off the scope for which they were created and mingle them with each other? Will it be for the reader a text in a foreign language, that is meaningless, or through the world of associations and references that each of us possesses, will generate a new language and associate to those images a new meaning?
In these drawings, the invention of the map of a city is only a pretext. Gradually, by changing the shapes, colors and the hierarchy of associations between the various elements I explore the possibilities of changing this language increasingly moving away from its original meaning.

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Cipher n. 16 (original sold).
Cipher n. 3 (original sold).
Cipher n. 10 (original sold).
Cipher n. 9
Cipher n. 11 (original sold).
Cipher n. 14
Cipher n. 8 (original sold).
Cipher n. 7 (original sold).
Cipher n. 6 (original sold).
Cipher n. 15 (original sold).
Cipher n. 1
Cipher n. 16
Cipher n. 5