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Facebook Home Notifications

I don't like to find in my News Feed the FB MEMORIES of 2 or 3 years ago. I love the future and sometimes I don't like to look at the past. I understand that everyone should be able to customize the home of Facebook, where every day thousands of content are published by our friends and by pages or groups that we follow.

With Fb Home Notifications we introduce the possibility to choose what to find as the first content posted by facebook. We can be updated about the Weather, Trend Topic of the moment, Special Event and more.
One more reason to visit our Facebook News Feed to update us about what we are interested.
Choose the most interesting sports for you and get notifications for the scores of matches.
It will rain or it will be sunny? Turn location to receive notifications about weather.
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What will the weather in the coming days?
Stay updated about the Trending Topics.

For those who love to follow the financial stock.
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Remember that tomorrow at 05.00 pm Tea Party at Julia's Home with your brothers....and your mom -.-'

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decline the invitation, add other Fb Friends at event or add new events.
Facebook Home Notifications

Facebook Home Notifications

Facebook Home Notifications. This is only a project.