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    Metamaterials are artificial media structured on a size scale smaller than the wavelength of external stimuli. Materials of interest exhibit properties not found in nature, such as negative index of refraction. They are cellular assemblies of multiple elements fashioned from materials including metals and plastics, arranged in periodic patterns. Metamaterials gain their properties not from their constituents, but from their exactingly-designed structures. Their precise shape, geometry, size, orientation and arrangement can affect light or sound in a manner that is unachievable with conventional materials.
    Logo depicts the intersection of magnetic or optical waves. Any objects inside the intersection becomes invisible for the waves range in which they are irradiated.

    Метаматериал — композиционный материал, свойства которого обусловлены не столько свойствами составляющих его элементов, сколько искусственно созданной периодической структурой.
пересечение (магнитных или оптических) волн. Любые объекты внутри пересечения становятся невидимыми для того диапазона волн, которым они облучены.

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