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    Woodbury School of Architecture Degree Project. Spring 2012.
A Versatile Digital Forum for an Emerging Generation
Since the 1960s digital technology has experienced widespread exponential growth. Personal communication devices that fit into the palm of one’s hand have transcended computers that required a
substantial square footage in order to operate. As a result, we see a rise in social gaming via mobile and other general purpose devices, communication via social media outlets, and the amalgamation of a new,
digital reality into the existing physical world. In addition, entire communities have been created in order to ensure that this digital reality continues to expand and flourish to the benefit of its users. However, as these communities continue to grow in age their intended audience grows as well. Emerging youth lack an organized digital community to call their own.

The establishment of a physical location for the spreading and advancement of ideas would provide the necessary outlet for exploration and experimentation. However, this space cannot be a concert hall, convention center or stadium repurposed simply for the accommodation of people and PowerPoint presentations. The architecture must be specifically developed as a platform for information, presentation, observation, and input where interaction and elasticity play the most central roles. This forum must become a facility that seeks to further the interdisciplinary relationships between digital technology and the digital/physical identities of individuals. The architecture must be able to accommodate changes in order to grow with its existing users or take on new ones. Therefore it will be necessary